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Understandify is free to download and use. It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can find volunteering interpreters if you select a rate of 0€/min, or set a higher maximum rate to find more interpreters. Interpreters set their own price. You don't need to add credit card details to use Understandify with volunteers. 

Yes! As an interpreter, you can offer your services on Understandify for a fee. You set your rate in EUR per minute and can update it at any time. Understandify charges a commission of 20% on each call. Understandify is at the moment only accepting payments and payouts in Finland, but this will soon be possible in other countries as well. 

Understandify is a platform that instantly connects interpreters with people in need of interpretation services.

We are on a mission to connect everyone on the planet by allowing anyone, anywhere to provide paid or free interpretation services in an instant. 

Understandify addresses language barriers for businesses, expats, tourists, and refugees. 

Understandify can currently be used with paid services only in Finland, but we will soon support payments in other countries as well. 

You can add your credit card in the app to purchase credits to spend on calls with interpreters. We use Stripe as a payment solution provider. You can buy credits manually or choose to top up your credits automatically when you run out. You can do this via the "Update or top up" button on the Profile screen. 

Understandify is currently available in the below countries with volunteering interpreters. Payments and payouts are only enabled in Finland, but we will soon support more countries. 

North Macedonia
United Arab Emirates
United Kingdom

Getting Started

  • Open the app store on your phone or use these links: Google Play Store for Android, App Store for iOS.
  • Search for "Understandify"
  • Once you find the app, tap on it, and then tap the "Install" or "Download" button.
  • Wait for the app to download and install on your device.
  • Open the app
  • Tap on "Sign Up" to create an account and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • If you already have an account, log in with your username and password or your Google, Apple, or Facebook account.
  • You can set up your account as a user or as an interpreter. You can quickly switch between these two roles using the button at the bottom of the Profile page. You can act as both a user and an interpreter with the same account. 

Allow the necessary permissions for the app to function correctly.

Familiarize yourself with the app's interface. We will later make an onboarding video to take you through the key features, but now while we are beta testing, we would like to onboard you personally by arranging a short call. After signing up, you will be contacted for an introduction. 


Explore the app's settings to customize it according to your preferences. At the moment, the interface is available in English and Ukrainian, but more languages will be added. 


You are now ready to start providing interpretation services or look for interpreters!

Please let us know if you have any feedback or improvement suggestions. We would also highly appreciate your help in inviting more users and interpreters to the platform and connecting us with potential partners.

We hope you find our app useful. Have a great time on Understandify!

Instructions for Use

  • Nickname - Enter a nickname if you choose not to give your real name.
  • Bio - Here you can write something about yourself.
  • First name, Last name, and Date of Birth - Your real first name, last name, and date of birth are required for invoices. Others can only see your Nickname.
  • Add payment method - Enter your credit card details to enable hiring paid interpreters.
  • Switch to interpreter role/Switch to user role - Here you can switch roles. You can use Understandify as a user or an interpreter with the same profile.
  • Choose language pair - Select the pair of languages for the interpretation session.
  • Description (optional) - Describe your need for interpretation, e.g. "Opening a bank account in Germany" so the interpreter can judge if they are competent for this case or not. 
  • Estimated duration - Inform the interpreter of the estimated duration.
  • Maximum price - Any interpreter offering their services at a higher price than this will be filtered out and not called. Only free sessions will be available until you add a payment method. Select 0€/min to look for volunteers. 
  • Preferred gender of the interpreter - Choose the gender of the interpreter, for example when visiting a physician.
  • Minimum rating of interpreter - Use the interpreter's star rating as a filter criterion. Users and interpreters score each other after every call. 
  • Call interpreters - Proceed to call interpreters. You will be presented with a list of up to 10 interpreters being called. You can decline those you are not interested in and you can accept one of those who have accepted your call and are ready to connect.

Your call history with prices, durations, times, and dates.

As an interpreter, you can set your availability using the toggle at the top of the screen. It alternates between Online and Offline. Online means that you are reachable and will be called if a user's search criteria match your profile and you are one of the lucky 10 interpreters who are selected by our algorithm. 

Please set yourself as Online only when you are quite sure that you can take a call. Otherwise, you might annoy a user if you often show up in search results but never pick up. 

When a user is calling you, there are likely to be other interpreters available to serve them at the same time. Please carefully read the details and requirements that the user has provided about the call. If you believe you are a good match, accept the call, otherwise you should reject it. After the interpreter accepts a call, the user still needs to select one of the interpreters who have accepted before the call is connected. 

Guidelines for Being a Good Interpreter

Master the languages you are interpreting between. This includes not only fluency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing but also understanding different accents and dialects.

Develop a deep understanding of the cultures associated with the languages you interpret. This includes knowledge of customs, traditions, and social norms.

Maintain objectivity and neutrality. Your role is to convey the message accurately without adding personal opinions or biases.

Pay close attention to the speaker, capturing the nuances of their speech. This involves listening to tone, emotion, and context to convey the intended meaning accurately.

Develop good short-term memory to retain information and relay it accurately. This is particularly important in consecutive interpreting where you may need to recall information spoken earlier.

Learn effective note-taking techniques and shorthand. This skill is valuable in helping you remember key points, dates, names, and other important details.

Keep improving your language skills and stay updated on terminology in various fields. Attend workshops, take language classes, and read widely to expand your vocabulary.

Be knowledgeable about the subject matter you are interpreting. Understanding technical terms and industry-specific jargon is crucial for accurate interpretation.

Uphold strict confidentiality. The information you deal with may be sensitive, and it's essential to respect privacy and maintain the trust of the parties involved.

Express yourself clearly and concisely. Ensure that your interpretations are easily understood by your audience.

Dress appropriately and behave professionally. Punctuality, reliability, and maintaining a calm demeanor, especially in challenging situations, are key aspects of professionalism.

Adhere to a code of ethics. This includes honesty, integrity, and avoiding conflicts of interest. Respect the privacy and dignity of the individuals involved.

Interpreting can be challenging, especially in high-pressure situations. Develop the ability to stay calm, focused, and composed under stress.

Be flexible and adaptable. Different situations may require different interpreting modes (simultaneous, consecutive, or sight translation), and you should be comfortable switching between them.

Seek feedback from clients or colleagues to identify areas for improvement. Continuous self-assessment is crucial for professional growth.