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How we help YOU!

Understandify is an excellent tool for businesses that need to communicate with clients, partners, or employees from different language backgrounds. It eliminates barriers between persons who speak different languages and ensures seamless communication. Improved customer service is one of our many goals – enabling businesses to communicate effectively across language barriers. This helps businesses build stronger relationships with their clients and improves overall customer satisfaction.

Understandify can be used online, but you can just as well be sitting in a face-to-face meeting and making a quick call to your interpreter who will be able to solve your communication issue on the spot! Increased efficiency is what Understandify is aiming at for business users: It saves time and resources by eliminating the need to hire professional interpreters in person. Not having to hire professional interpreters for long-term contracts or commitments is much more cost-effective. This can be especially useful for businesses that frequently communicate with individuals who speak different languages.

Last but not least, businesses can use Understandify to increase their global reach.  Communicating with clients or partners in other countries and tapping into new markets has never been easier.

Remember that time when you were in Sri Lanka trying to hire a taxi to take you to the best beach in the vicinity but you didn’t speak a mutual language with the driver? Maybe you tried to find your way looking for the best buy in a spice market in New Delhi? No matter how enjoyable your holiday is, there can always be a miscommunication hiccup, especially if you are travelling to exotic places. This is where Understandify steps in to help you!

Understandify connects travelers with a live interpreter who can help them communicate with locals in real-time. So your next negotiation with a vendor or, worst case scenario, dealing with a medical emergency will go smoothly.

It is also quite important to be able to understand the culture of the place you are visiting. Understandify’s interpreters are often able to provide cultural context and understanding to help travelers better navigate cultural differences, which is particularly helpful when communicating with locals in sensitive or complex situations.

Unlike other live interpretation apps, with Understandify you don’t have to schedule your interpretation calls in advance, meaning it provides services on-demand, 24/7, from anywhere in the world. Therefore, whenever an emergency situation or unexpected language barrier arises, all you have to do is open Understandify on your phone and choose between the available interpreters based on their skill level and price per minute. 

Understandify also plans to offer a wide range of languages, so you will be covered no matter where you are in the world.

Overall, Understandify can be an incredibly valuable tool for travelers who need assistance communicating with locals in a foreign country. It provides real-time interpretation services, cultural understanding, and on-demand assistance, making travel experiences more enjoyable and less stressful.

Understandify is a powerful tool to help address language barriers and improve communication between refugees and aid workers, government officials, and others. It has primarily been envisioned as an app helping Ukrainian refugees scattered around Europe and the world to alleviate their everyday issues with language barriers. Places where Understandify can step in and help are numerous: at a refugee center, hospital, administration office, bank, kindergarten, housing agent, new school, and many more. 

Understandify is designed with the specific needs and challenges faced by refugees in mind, and is developed in collaboration with refugees and other stakeholders. We expect to have volunteers who are willing to help Ukrainian refugees pro bono.

Our mission

Understandify’s mission is to connect everyone on the planet by allowing anyone, anywhere to provide paid or free interpretation services in an instant. 

For people in need of an interpreter:

Understandify instantly connects you to skilled interpreters via live audio/video chat. Alternatively, you can book your favorite interpreter in advance.

Understandify is free to use with volunteering interpreters, but you can pay for highly skilled interpretation.

You can filter interpreters by their skills per subject, e.g. for medical interpretation.

Connect with the local people and culture while traveling or working abroad.

For interpreters:

Perfect for volunteers and professionals alike. Set your price per minute, or offer your services free of charge.

Accept short interpretation requests during your idle time.

Volunteer to help refugees.

Accumulate high ratings by interpreting well between two languages in a specific subject and you will be top listed.

Who’s it for?

  • Travelers & Expats
  • Refugees
  • Healthcare professionals & Patients
  • International Businesses
  • Educators
  • Tourists & Guides

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